A Cadiz Ky hidden gem

Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little more about us and what we hope to do. Our little enterprise is based around serving Cadiz and the surrounding areas with the best produce that the earth can deliver. You can learn more about how we do it in the next section!

Who are we?

Hidden Acres Farm is an established, family run, Amish farm in Cadiz KY. The farmers have supplied produce for our local Cadiz farmers market for several seasons. As friends of the farmers (we are huge fans of their fruits and veggies), we are facilitating orders, pick up, delivery, marketing and all communication for Hidden Acres Farms produce boxes in order to reach even more of the community and surrounding areas.

For your Family: Our boxes save you time from another grocery trip with our pickup/delivery options. Our simple recipes incorporating the produce selections make meal planning easier and fun!

For your Health: No chemicals. No pesticides. Straight from the source. Nutrient dense food, organically grown, for you and your family.

For your Wallet: We save you money. Our box costs approximately $30 less than local grocery stores organic produce.

For the Environment: Our food travels significantly less “food miles” compared to grocery store products, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.